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Constrained Layer Damping

Constrained-layer damping (CLD) systems are used to increase damping in stiff structures. A “sandwich” is formed by laminating a damping layer in between two structural constraining base layers. When the system flexes during vibration, shear strains develop in the damping layer and energy is lost through shear deformation of the material. Varying layer thickness ratios permits optimizing system loss factors for various temperatures without changing the material’s composition. 

Vibratec can offer several sorts of damping layers cut and punched according to client specification. Also visco elastic glue can be used for sandwich layering.

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Constrained Layer Damping on Old Steel Bridge

Vibratec reduces noise on the Årsta bridge in central Stockholm. Using a techninque called constrained Layer Dampening (CLD). Noise lowered with 6 dB.

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