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Articles about Sound, Shock & Vibration Isolation.

  • Marine

Vibratec’s solutions for Marine Applications

Achieving Smooth Sailing In the dynamic world of maritime operations, ensuring smooth sailing involves more than just navigating the open seas. It requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to mitigating the vibrations generated by various onboard systems. At Vibratec, we specialize in engineering all-metal isolators tailored to the unique demands of the…

Image of recording studio
  • Construction

Creating Optimal Acoustic Environments: Vibratec’s “Room” Solutions

In the ever-changing world of the music industry, the demand for high-quality recording spaces has never been greater. With platforms like Spotify reshaping how we listen to music, ensuring outstanding audio quality has become critical for both artists and producers. But achieving this level of quality requires more than just modern equipment – it demands…

Image of gym and weights
  • Construction

Vibratec Gym Floors

Resilient gym floors for vibration and sound isolation. Customized floors for gyms and fitness centers are becoming increasingly important, as urban development leads to shorter distances between residential areas, transportation, shopping, and physical activities.

  • Construction

Vibration Isolation for Wooden Buildings

Avoid structure-borne noise from vibrations in lightweight structures. In recent years, timber buildings have become a significant part of the new constructions of apartment blocks. The increase in timber construction brings several positive aspects, including a reduced climate impact and the possibility of a faster and more cost-effective construction process. However, there is a challenge…

  • Infrastructure

Case Study: Tuned Mass Dampers for Pedestrian Bridge in Malmö

During the structural design of the pedestrian bridge at Bagers Plats in Malmö, it became obvious that it would require a TMD, as the lowest vertical was calculated to 1.85 Hz.Vibratec designed a TMD solution: in total 2 TMD’s with a vibration mass of each 340 kg was installed in the mid section of the…

  • Construction
  • Industry

The Importance of Building Base Isolation in an Urban Environment

This is more of a case study than a news post. Here we want to explain the importance of optimising a floor to meet the requirement of noise and vibrations through a building to ensure a better working and living environment for the tenants.