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When developing solutions or selecting a product, Vibratec can offer a range of engineering services in calculation, design, construction, testing, and documentation. Whether it concerns custom-designed offshore isolators, pipe hangers, shock isolation, or track isolation, we assist with calculations to ensure performance and reliability.

Below is a brief summary of our tools and technical services for everything from strength to minimizing vibrations and noise in various applications.

Engineering Services

Mechanical strength analysis by Finite Element Methods (FEM)

Natural frequencies analysis & dynamic response analysis by Finite Element Methods (FEM)

Load distribution calculations

Fatigue calculations

Calculation of fastening bolts or welds

Static & dynamic laboratory tests

3D CAD drawings

Analysis for attenuation, transmission and radiation of structure borne sound using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)

Dimensioning and positioning of suitable pipe supports (hangers/fix points/pipe clamps)

Calculation of thermal expansion

Dimensioning and optimization of expansion joints (position and pre-tension)

CAD-drawings with products at proposed positions and principal sketches

Calculation of undampened exhaust noise spectrum (if not available)

Calculation of exhaust volume (if not available)

Choice and calculation of suitable silencers to meet required noise reduction

Calculation of distance attenuation based on free field

Calculation of backpressure for the complete pipe system

Shock calculations with six different pulse types: sine, half-sine, quadrilateral, sawtooth, reversed sawtooth and pulse train

Optimization of shock dampers to minimize residual shock

Rest shock level in centre of gravity, each suspension mount or other critical point

Insertion loss calculations for rail pads, under sleeper mats (USM), under ballast mats (UBM) and slab track

Necessary input data: boogie length, boogie load, speed, type of rail, type of rail fastener, type of sleeper, sleeper distance, height of ballast or slab, mechanical properties of underlaying soil or rock

Lateral stability calculation

Calculation of electrical resistance to stray currents (for embedded track)

Detailed installation drawings, method statements, test certificates etc.

Installation on site if required


At Vibratec, we take pride in our production and assembly facilities. Here, we craft our range of durable and high-quality all-metal marine and offshore isolators, spring packages, wire rope isolators and elastomer isolators.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer customized solutions and specialized designs tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. This ensures that every product we deliver is crafted with precision, quality, and attention to detail, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability in even the most demanding marine and offshore environments.

Image of Vibratec Regufoam pads on pallet


In addition to our comprehensive product range, we provide on-site installation services for many of our offerings. This guarantees proper installation and also minimizes the risk of poor performance caused by lack of experience.

It’s important to note that our installation services typically focus on our own products and systems. Therefore, tasks such as gypsum board installation, mineral wool placement, reinforcement bar fitting or concrete casting are normally not within the scope of our services.

Typical installations offered:

  • Floating floor systems, both light weight and heavy (concrete)
  • Machine foundations
  • Ceiling systems
  • Building base isolation systems
  • Ballast mats
  • Tuned mass dampers
Image of Vibratec installation

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