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Shock and Vibration Control for Antennas

In mobile applications, satellite antennas need to be secured from shock and vibrations. Normally three or four isolators are spaced evenly about the central axis of the antenna system. Vibratec has developed several customized solutions to world leading antenna producers by designing tailor made wire rope isolators.

Wire rope isolators are very useful as they maintain excellent vibration isolation performance under maximum shock in severe environmental conditions or extreme temperatures. They have a long life span and can adapt to elastic displacement in all dimensions, allowing multi-directional vibration isolation.

The isolators can be positioned outside of a domed antenna system so that the domed antenna itself can be as compact as possible to minimize its overall size.

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Picture of antenna stabilised and isolated with wire rope isolators

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  • A picture of our vibration and shock isolator WRI - A16. A heavy duty isolator and the wire is 16 mm in diameter.

    Wire Rope Isolators – WRI-AXX

    Wire rope isolators are typically used in aerospace, defense, industrial, and marine applications to reduce the transmission of vibration and…

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