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Wire Rope Isolators

For the seamless and consistent operation of your valuable equipment, as well as the secure transportation of delicate machinery, it’s imperative to have effective shock and vibration protection in place. Achieving the optimal level of safeguarding primarily involves a strategic combination of suitable shock mounts, meticulous calculations, and a deep understanding of the application at hand.

The unique advantage offered by wire rope isolators (WRI) is their remarkable capability to provide superior isolation performance while occupying minimal space. Thanks to their intelligently designed construction, WRI units remain captive and can be loaded from any direction without the slightest concern of malfunction. Unlike other solutions, WRI units exhibit remarkable resilience against external factors like oil, saltwater, chemicals, as well as extreme temperatures, ensuring their longevity over time.

Wire rope isolators find their ideal application in scenarios where equipment necessitates robust defense against shocks and vibrations, prioritizing functionality over sound isolation considerations.


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  • A picture of our vibration and shock isolator WRI - A16. A heavy duty isolator and the wire is 16 mm in diameter.

    Wire Rope Isolators – WRI-AXX

    Wire rope isolators are typically used in aerospace, defense, industrial, and marine applications to reduce the transmission of vibration and…

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