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Secured Cargo

Transportation will cause random vibration from cargo interaction with vehicle suspension and with road and surface discontinuities.

This is normally divided into truck transportation and mission/field transportation. The random vibration profile is different along each axis; cargo or devices installed in transport vehicles may thus be affected by accelerations in various directions.

For this reason, the anti-vibration mounts installed must be thoroughly calculated to optimise the reduction of vibration or impact stress. Vibratec has several different products or systems available and we support in finding the best solution.

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Picure of a military vehicle used for troop transport


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  • Image of Vibratec Shock Absorber VT-XM

    Shock Absorber VT-XM

    Steel mounting with excellent shock absorption capacity, highly resistant to fatigue. It is made of a stainless steel and an…

  • A picture of our vibration and shock isolator WRI - A16. A heavy duty isolator and the wire is 16 mm in diameter.

    Wire Rope Isolators – WRI-AXX

    Wire rope isolators are typically used in aerospace, defense, industrial, and marine applications to reduce the transmission of vibration and…

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