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Impressive Results from VOC Emission Testing of Our Damping Glues!

We are pleased to share the results from our tests of damping glues DG-1000 and DG-2000, focusing on emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs in indoor air are often considered odoriferous irritants, and at the concentrations typically found indoors, they can cause odors, sensory irritation in the eyes and upper respiratory tract, and a perceived reduction in air quality.

The testing was conducted by RISE using a standardized method. During the test, 1 kg of glue was applied to a surface and then placed in a test chamber with a controlled climate for 28 days. After this period, the levels of various volatile organic compounds in the air were measured.

The results showed that our damping glues meet the stringent requirements of Byggvarubedömningen for five different types of chemical substances. All measured levels were so low that the glue meets Byggvarubedömningens strict future requirements for VOC emissions.

We are proud to offer products that are not only effective but also safe for indoor environments.

Damping Glue DG-1000

Damping Glue DG-2000

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Image of Vibratec Wire Rope Isolators
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Wire Rope Isolators

We’re excited to share that our facility in India is handling its largest order yet, with 3600 pieces of WRI-A06 currently in production!

Visionsbild Maximteatern
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Vibratec delivers to Maximteatern

We are proud to be part of the resurrection of the iconic theater Maxim in Stockholm.  After being closed for a few years, Maxim is now undergoing renovation and will be reborn as a flexible cultural venue, including a modern restaurant

Maritime Day Åland 2024
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Vibratec at Maritime Day 2024

Vibratec will be participating as an exhibitor at Maritime Day in Mariehamn, Åland! The Åland Maritime Day is a full day of Maritime Insights from the industry, suppliers, seafarers, policy makers and other stakeholders.

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Vibratec at BNAM 2024

We are happy to announce that Vibratec will be participating as an exhibitor at BNAM 2024 in Espoo, Finland.

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We’re changing

But only in appearance.

Image of Vibratec vibration isolation of wooden building with Regufoam strips
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Avoid Structure-Borne Noise in Lightweight Constructions!

Timber buildings have become a significant part of modern construction, offering benefits like reduced environmental impact and quicker, cost-effective building processes. However, lightweight constructions pose challenges in meeting noise requirements.