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Regufoam® vibration

Regufoam® vibration, Vibratec’s elastic polyurethane foam designed for optimal vibration isolation, is now available in a broader range of thicknesses, including new thinner options starting at 2 mm.

Vibrations from daily activities such as people moving, operating dishwashers, washing machines, and electronic devices can generate structure-borne noise, especially in multi-storey wooden buildings. By integrating vibration isolation like Regufoam® vibration, these disturbances can be significantly reduced.

With various thicknesses now available, Regufoam® vibration offers even more flexibility to meet diverse needs. 

Explore the full range of Regufoam® elastomers, available with different dynamic rigidities and load ranges to find the perfect fit for your project.

Picture of Regufoam® Vibration from 2 mm

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Image of Vibratec Noise Enclosure
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Explore Vibratec’s Advanced Noise Enclosures!

At Vibratec, we understand that every environment demands a unique solution to noise management. We offer both basic modular concept system and custom-made solutions tailored to meet specific requirements for sound reduction, fire resistance properties, and material choice.

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Discover the Flexible Floor Bracket VT-FFB from Vibratec – Your Solution for an Adjustable Floating Floor!

Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to construct adjustable floating floors that meet today’s dynamic construction requirements?

Image of VOC
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Impressive Results from VOC Emission Testing of Our Damping Glues!

We are pleased to share the results from our tests of damping glues DG-1000 and DG-2000, focusing on emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Visionsbild Maximteatern
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Vibratec delivers to Maximteatern

We are proud to be part of the resurrection of the iconic theater Maxim in Stockholm.  After being closed for a few years, Maxim is now undergoing renovation and will be reborn as a flexible cultural venue, including a modern restaurant

Image of Vibratec vibration isolation of wooden building with Regufoam strips
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Avoid Structure-Borne Noise in Lightweight Constructions!

Timber buildings have become a significant part of modern construction, offering benefits like reduced environmental impact and quicker, cost-effective building processes. However, lightweight constructions pose challenges in meeting noise requirements.

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Vibratec ställer ut på Nordbygg 2024!

Kom och besök vår monter för att lära dig mer om våra skräddarsydda lösningar för att skapa en behaglig ljudmiljö i alla typer av byggnader.