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Image of heat source pump with Vibratec spring isolators at winter
Quietly Improving Your Environment

Prevent disturbing vibrations with Spring Isolators!

In industries with a lot of equipment, such as fans, compressors, generating sets, and engines, the disturbance of vibrations and noise is common.

A solution for protecting fragile equipment from disruptive vibrations is to use Spring Isolators. While Spring Isolators are mostly known for their use in industrial applications, they are also a perfect fit for your home’s air source heat pump unit.

Air source pump units are typically placed on rubber pads, which function effectively during warmer seasons. However, in colder temperatures, these rubber pads become rigid, leading to increased vibration and noise. By placing the air source heat pump on Spring Isolators, you can significantly reduce vibrations, regardless of the temperature, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable living environment all year round.

The springs isolate vibrations and prevents transferring them to surrounding equipment or structures. This helps extending the lifespan of your equipment and reduces the risk of premature wear and tear. Plus, the added protection ensures the longevity of your investment, saving you both time and money.

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