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Visionsbild Maximteatern
  • Construction

Vibratec delivers to Maximteatern

We are proud to be part of the resurrection of the iconic theater Maxim in Stockholm.  After being closed for a few years, Maxim is now undergoing renovation and will be reborn as a flexible cultural venue, including a modern restaurant

Image of Vibratec vibration isolation of wooden building with Regufoam strips
  • Construction

Avoid Structure-Borne Noise in Lightweight Constructions!

Timber buildings have become a significant part of modern construction, offering benefits like reduced environmental impact and quicker, cost-effective building processes. However, lightweight constructions pose challenges in meeting noise requirements.

  • Construction
  • Exhibitions

Vibratec ställer ut på Nordbygg 2024!

Kom och besök vår monter för att lära dig mer om våra skräddarsydda lösningar för att skapa en behaglig ljudmiljö i alla typer av byggnader.

Picture of Svenska Akustiska Sällskapet Ljuddagen 2024
  • Construction

SAS Ljuddag 2024

Den 13 mars arrangerar SAS (Svenska Akustiska Sällskapet) Ljuddag på Chalmers i Göteborg. Under evenemanget kommer årets Ljud- och Ljudmiljöpris att delas ut och flera intressanta föredrag kommer att hållas.

Picture of Lyyra centre
  • Construction

Vibration Isolation of the Lyyra Centre

The new Lyyra complex is now finalized in Helsinki. The Lyyra centre will be a “City block of science and economy” and create an internationally attractive meeting place for science and companies in the heart of Helsinki.

Picture of Vibratec-TRAfastighet-WC
  • Construction

Product News!

Introducing REGUFOAM® WC Strip – a solution for reducing impact noise from toilet seats. Toilet seats can produce disturbing impact sounds during flushing and use, especially floor-standing toilets.

Picture of Regufoam® Vibration from 2 mm
  • Construction
  • Industrial

Regufoam® vibration now available in thinner options, starting at 2 mm!

Vibrations from daily activities like people moving, dishwashers, washing machines and electronic devices can create structure borne noise, particularly in multi-storey wooden buildings. By integrating vibration insulation these disturbances can be reduced.

Picture of Engelska skolan Norrtälje
  • Construction

Vibratec delivers and installs sound insulation for music rooms and studios!

The construction of the International English School in Norrtälje, Sweden, is progressing, and Vibratec is proud to contribute to its development.

Picture of nya Gottsundaskolan
  • Construction

Floor and ceiling system to Gottsundaskolan

In collaboration with Skolfastigheter, IN3PRENÖR AB is constructing the new Gottsundaskolan in Uppsala.  The new, modern, and larger school will welcome 720 students in grades 6-9. In addition to the school itself, the building will include a full-sized sports hall, a leisure club, a library, a dance studio, and a multi-purpose activity house for associations.

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