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Picture of Regufoam® Vibration from 2 mm
Quietly Improving Your Environment

Regufoam® vibration now available in thinner options, starting at 2 mm!

Vibrations from daily activities like people moving, dishwashers, washing machines and electronic devices can create structure borne noise, particularly in multi-storey wooden buildings.

By integrating vibration insulation these disturbances can be reduced.

Vibratec’s solution is Regufoam® vibration, an elastic polyurethane foam designed for optimal vibration isolation. It is available in various thicknesses, now including thinner options, offering even more flexibility to suit diverse needs.

Explore the full range of Regufoam® elastomers with different dynamic rigidities and load ranges.

Picture of Regufoam® Vibration from 2 mm

Interested in Thinner Regufoam® Vibration Options?

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