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Picture of REGUFOAM elastomer product range
Quietly Improving Your Environment

Regufoam® vibration  – The Ultimate Solution for Vibration Isolation!

Vibrations can pose a challenge in many constructions, for example when it comes to wooden houses. By using Regufoam between the stories you can prevent vibrations from entering the wooden structure and cause structure borne sound.

Regufoam is a mixed cell polyurethane foam, specially designed to efficiently isolate vibrations. With 12 different qualities to choose from, it provides a customizable solution for various needs and applications.

Regufoam is not only an exceptionally effective material for vibration isolation, but it can also be a feast for the eyes? Just look at these pallets filled with Regufoam strips, delivered this week to wooden houses in Finland.

Vibratec Regufom

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