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Image of Korskyrkan Umeå
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Vibratec delivered Regufoam cushions to Korskyrkan

Korskyrkan in Umeå, Sweden, recently built a brand-new church building.

The modern four-level concrete structure includes a church hall, a banquet hall and on top of this, two stories apartments. To ensure a peaceful and undisturbed environment for the residents, the upper part of the building required vibration isolation.

Vibratec delivered 50 mm high Regufoam cushions mounted on steel plates. These cushions were placed on top of the pillars carrying a weight of more than 1000 tons. With a resonance frequency below 10 Hz this intervention effectively isolates the apartments from vibrations and structure-borne noise. This technology ensures that visitors and residents alike can enjoy the activities in the various spaces without interruption or disturbance.

Image of Regufoam pads from Vibratec

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