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Vibratec delivers VT-BAT to SATS Ro´s Torv in Roskilde

SATS Denmark renovated their gym, Ro’s Torv, in Roskilde.

As a part of the project, they needed to minimize the transmission of structure borne noise to the surroundings in the adjacent shopping mall.

To help achieve this, Vibratec designed and installed a floating floor with discrete Regufoam elastomer pads using our VT-BAT system, which was best solution under the given conditions.

The result is that SATS now are having a dropzone for weights that can be used without any exceptions during all opening hours of the gym, meaning no restrictions in dropping weights on the platforms.

Picture of SATS gym Roskilde

The finished gym with Vibratecs floating floor VT-BAT underneath the heavy weight section.

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