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Picture of Vibratec-Anti Vibration Pads
Quietly Improving Your Environment

Vibratecs Anti Vibration Pads

Introducing Vibratecs Anti Vibration Pads (AVP series), the ideal elastomer isolators to safeguard sensitive equipment for your land-based applications. 

• Available in six stiffness options and two heights for versatile usage.

• Crafted from durable Regufoam material, rigorously tested for chemical resistance (in accordance with DIN 53428).

• Resistant to solvents, oils, greases, diluted acids at room temperature, and diluted alkalis.

• Protect computer racks from vibrations, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

• Safeguard delicate electronic equipment against shocks and vibrations.

• Enhance the stability and longevity of machinery suspensions.

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