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Picture of nya Gottsundaskolan
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Floor and ceiling system to Gottsundaskolan

In collaboration with Skolfastigheter, IN3PRENÖR AB is constructing the new Gottsundaskolan in Uppsala. 

The new, modern, and larger school will welcome 720 students in grades 6-9. In addition to the school itself, the building will include a full-sized sports hall, a leisure club, a library, a dance studio, and a multi-purpose activity house for associations.

These versatile facilities impose high demands on vibration and sound isolation to ensure that all activities can take place without disturbing one another. A specific challenge in this project is that the sports hall is located on the second floor while teaching will be taking place in the rooms below. By integrating sound isolation into the building construction, the transmission of vibrations can be minimized, thus ensuring that structural noise does not cause disruption in adjacent areas.

We at Vibratec are pleased to be a partner to IN3PRENÖR in this project, delivering our VT-BAT flooring system and VT-SFC ceiling system. These systems will be installed in the metal and woodworking rooms, music studio, and sports hall to counteract structural noise and ensure an optimal acoustic environment.

Picture of Vibratec and IN3PRENÖR at Gottsundaskolan

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