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Ceiling System VT-SFC

The VT-SFC Single Frame Ceiling System is designed to optimize the sound isolation of suspended ceilings. The system comprises of VT-SFC hangers and profile rails.

Product Characteristics

Deflection: 1-3 mm
Resonance frequency down to 9 Hz.

Product Applications

Installation Guidelines

The hangers are mechanically fixed to the ceiling and the profile rail is clicked on to the hangers. Plasterboard can then be fixed on to the rails. VT-SFC hangers must only be used with Vibratecs profile rails to ensure structural stability of the ceiling. A self adhesive elastic strip VT-strip should be used to isolate the suspended ceiling from surrounding walls to avoid undermining the acoustic integrity of the ceiling.

Mineral wool should be used in the air void to absorb possible standing waves in the void.

Technical Specifications


Load range - Natural frequency

Supports distance VT-SFC
ceiling weight kg/m2 P (mm) G (mm) kg/support fn (Hz)
10 -15 600.00 1000 6 - 9 14 - 16 Hz
15 -30 450.00 900 9 - 12 11 - 14 Hz
30 - 50 450.00 750 12 - 17 9 - 11 Hz
50 - 75 450.00 500 12 - 17 9 - 11 Hz


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