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Picture of Lyyra centre
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Vibration Isolation of the Lyyra Centre

The new Lyyra complex is now finalized in Helsinki. The Lyyra centre will be a “City block of science and economy” and create an internationally attractive meeting place for science and companies in the heart of Helsinki.

Due to vibrations from the underlaying metro the whole block had to be vibration isolated from the ground. Vibratec has supplied all the elastic supports – due to the high loads and small support areas some pads are exposed to a pressure of more than 10 MPa. This could be done with Vibratec high load bearings VT-AC1005 and VT-AC1006. A total mass of 12.000 tons has been vibration isolated.

Picture of Vibratec VT-AC1005 and VT-AC1006

Vibratec Elastic Material VT-AC1005 and VT-AC1006

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