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Elastomer VT-AC-1006

VT-AC-1006 material is an engineered compound with Cork and Natural Rubber. This product is suitable for vibration control applications in need of very high isolation levels, used as discrete isolators (pads/strips) with a low ressonance frequency and low load.

Product Characteristics


• Range -10 / +100°C (+14 / 212 ºF)

Load range

• Static 4.0 – 12.0 MPa (580 – 1740 psi)

• Total 15.0 MPa (2176 psi)

• Occasional 20.0 MPa (2900 psi)

E-Module ( @stable load )

• Static (1) 60.0 – 100.0 MPa (8702 – 14504 psi)

• Dynamic (2) 130.0 – 440.0 MPa (18855 – 63817 psi)

(1) DIN 53513 (adapted) – Tangential Modulus
(2) DIN 53513 (adapted) – Depending on Load and Frequency

Product Applications

VT-AC-1006 is used as discrete pads or strips in applications with high load on a limited surface such as vibration isolation of building foundations, bridges, heavy joists, machine foundations etc.

Due to the Poisson effect the pads should not be positioned directly beside each other; a gap of >25 mm should be used.


  • Long term durability
  • High dynamic effectiveness
  • Simple handling and processing
  • Excellent longt-term creep behaviour
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High load decoupling with bearings in minimal space

Selection Guideline

Material selection can be made using the Static/Dynamic E-Module in the respective load range or using the Vibration Isolation Level Abacus below:

  • Based on the machine/system disturbing frequency select the desired isolation level based on the material thickness and respective natural frequency for the specific load/ stress.
  • Determine the material compression from the deflection curve at the specific load/ stress.
  • Creep effect can be added to the above deflection via the Creep deflection graph calculating the additional deflection and adding.

Technical Specifications

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