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Image of Vibratec VT-JSF
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VT-JFS Floor System – Vibration Isolators for concrete floors

The floor system consists of vibration isolators that are cast into a concrete slab and then raised to provide elastic decoupling and an air gap to the subfloor. This creates a heavy floating floor with excellent vibration isolation, even at low frequencies.

The adjustable VT-JFS floor system provides a high degree of vibration and impact sound isolation, making it ideal for demanding applications such as gym floors, bowling alleys, shopping malls, laundry rooms, machinery rooms, etc.

It is also useful in cases where limited height is available for the floating concrete floor, as the system allows for a smaller air gap compared to springs or cushions with retaining formwork. This also offers a cost advantage as no formwork is required underneath the floor.


  • Low natural frequency
  • Suitable for high vibration damping requirements
  • High suspension stability due to low center of gravity
  • Extended lifespan for suspended machinery
  • Integrated system for floor height adjustment
  • Post-installation adjustments are possible, for example, to accommodate changes in room requirements
Image of Vibratec-VT-JFS jack-up floor system

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