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Floor System VT-JFS

VT-JFS is a floating floor system from Vibratec. The anti-vibration system raises the floor slab on springs with dampen impact and step sounds. Perfect for gym floors.

Product Characteristics

  • Low natural frequency.
  • High level of vibration attenuation.
  • High stability of the suspension due to low C.O.G. Improved operational life for suspended machinery. Integrated system controlling the height of the floor. Springs are accessible if modifications are required.

Product Applications

VT-JFS jack-up floating floor system results in high performances on the isolation level of airborne and structure-borne sound transmission. VT-JFS is ideal to use in areas subjected to vibrations such as gym floors, bowling halls, shopping malls, machine rooms etc. It is also useful in cases where a limited height is available for the floating concrete floor, as the system allows for smaller air gap than with formwork panels.


See a short video from installation when the concrete floor slab is elevated on the spring isolators.


Technical Specifications


Technical specifications

VT-JFS - Jack Up Floor system
Static Load i daN (≈kg) 300 - 2000 daN
Natural frequency 3 - 6 Hz
Concrete thickness 80 - 300 mm

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VT-JFS Floor System – Vibration Isolators for concrete floors

The floor system consists of vibration isolators that are cast into a concrete slab and then raised to provide elastic decoupling and an air gap to the subfloor. This creates a heavy floating floor with excellent vibration isolation, even at low frequencies.

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