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Embedded Track Systems

PREFArails systems for embedded track are perfectly suited for tramway track resulting in a quiet, sustainable, cost effective and good looking solution. For design without sleepers PREFArails offers excellent lateral stability, high electrical resistivity and multiple choice for the finishing layer. Three levels of vibration mitigation are available and can be combine with a floating slab. In renovation projects Modulix in precast concrete modules can be used to minimise the installation time and local disruption to road traffic.


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  • Image of Vibratec Track System VT-GSF

    Track System VT-GSF

    The VT-GSF solution consists of elastic profiles that completely encapsulate the rail and provide a continuous support without rail fasteners.…

  • Image of Vibratec Track System VT-MODULIX

    Track System VT-MODULIX

    The VT-MODULIX solution consists of pre-fabricated concrete slabs containing the rail, road finish, drainage etc. The rails are completely embedded…

  • Image of Vibratec Track System VT-STERO

    Track System VT-STERO

    The VT-STERO solution consists of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete beams containing the rail which is completely embedded in elastic material. The…

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