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Track System VT-MODULIX

The VT-MODULIX solution consists of pre-fabricated concrete slabs containing the rail, road finish, drainage etc. The rails are completely embedded in elastic material (resin-bonded recycled rubber) and have a continuous support without rail fasteners. The pre-fabricated modules can also be delivered with an extra anti-vibration mat incorporated thus being a combined slab track/embedded rail solution with even better vibration isolation. The modules can be delivered in lengths up to 18 m.

Product Characteristics

  • Vibration isolation 3 – 15 dB depending on type of rubber profile
  • Noise reduction 3-6 dB
  • Extremely fast installation – perfect in high traffic crossings and streets
  • Suits any type of top surface (grass, asphalt, stones)
  • Excellent electrical isolation due to the full rubber encapsulation, the absence of fasteners and an optional protection film complying with EN 50122-2 from 2 to 500 Ω/km.
  • Low rail corrugation due to homogeneous stiffness of the track resulting in less maintenance and vibrations
  • Maintenance-free track: low “Life Cycle Cost” and “Total Cost of Ownership”

Product Applications

  • Tram tracks
  • Crane tracks

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