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Picture of DolWin 5
  • Offshore

Vibratec delivers AVM units to DolWin 5!

We are thrilled to announce the successful delivery of 8 AVM units for the installation of an accommodation module. A module that also features a helicopter platform. 

AVM Vibratec
  • Offshore

Vibratec delivers AVMs to Offshore Project

Vibratec has successfully delivered two sets of AVMs (Anti-Vibration Mounts) for an offshore project on the East Coast of India, in collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions.

Image of Vibratec gimbals
  • Offshore

Vibratec offers gimbals for offshore applications! 

Gimbals are used to support the baseplate of generators, compressors and machinery skids on offshore platforms and vessels. They are used as three-point supports where each gimbal considers the characteristics of the other two supports. 

Image of One Guyana
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Vibratec Delivers AVMs to ESSO Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd!

Vibratec has delivered two sets of 3-point suspension AVMs (Anti-Vibration Mounts) to the Yellowtail Project.