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Picture of BN 210 MS RONJA QUEEN
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Exhaust suspensions and bellows to BN 210 MS Ronja Queen

Aas Mek. Verksted AS, a well-established costumer of ours, has, among many other vessels, built the BN 210 MS Ronja Queen. 

We at Vibratec are happy for the trust to provide this well-boat with exhaust suspensions and bellows incl. drawing job.

One of the biggest challenges with exhaust suspensions is the heat. Vibratec’s solution is our unique all-metal exhaust suspensions that is insensitive to the heat. The life-expectancy of Vibratec’s solution is the same as of the exhaust system itself, so it does not need to be replaced during its lifespan.
In additional to the products, we provide complete technical proposals.

Interested in exhaust suspensions and/or bellows?

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Image of Vibratec Noise Enclosure
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Explore Vibratec’s Advanced Noise Enclosures!

At Vibratec, we understand that every environment demands a unique solution to noise management. We offer both basic modular concept system and custom-made solutions tailored to meet specific requirements for sound reduction, fire resistance properties, and material choice.

Picture of Regufoam® Vibration from 2 mm
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Regufoam® vibration

Regufoam® vibration, Vibratec’s elastic polyurethane foam designed for optimal vibration isolation, is now available in a broader range of thicknesses, including new thinner options starting at 2 mm.

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Discover the Flexible Floor Bracket VT-FFB from Vibratec – Your Solution for an Adjustable Floating Floor!

Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to construct adjustable floating floors that meet today’s dynamic construction requirements?

Image of Vibratec logo on back of T-shirt at soccer school
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Vibratec supports soccer school

We at Vibratec are happy to continue our sponsorship of Blidö IF’s soccer school.

Picture of midsummer celebration
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🌸 Happy Midsummer from Vibratec🌸

Did you know that vibration isolation isn’t just for machines and buildings?

Image of Vibratec Wire Rope Isolators
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New Order of Wire Rope Isolators

We’re excited to share that our facility in India is handling its largest order yet, with 3600 pieces of WRI-A06 currently in production!