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Quietly Improving Your Environment

Vibratec delivers solutions to SATS Karlaplan

We at Vibratec are delighted and proud to be part of the construction of SATS Karlaplan, a top-notch gym located in the heart of Östermalm, Stockholm!

Spanning an impressive area of approximately 1600 square meters, the gym will offer the latest training equipment, spacious areas for cardio and free weights, personal training, a large group training hall, and HotStudio.

In a project like this, sound insulation is an important aspect. Focus is to create a pleasant environment for both the gym’s members and the neighboring businesses.

To ensure effective sound insulation, we at Vibratec have provided our high-quality solutions. A 1000 square meter area has been equipped with our floor system VT-BAT, featuring Regufoam pads in various dimensions to suit different parts of the premises. Additionally, the ceilings have been equipped with our ceiling system VT-SFC, complete with threaded rods, anchor bolts, and drills.
We have also supplied elastic strip VT-STRIP (a self-adhesive soft elastic strip), acoustic joints VT-FAS (a fire-rated acoustic sealant) and dampening glue DG-2000 (for sandwich layer damping), to achieve optimal sound insulation.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this exciting project and are happy that our solutions contribute to create the best possible environment for the people in the building.

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