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Quietly Improving Your Environment

Vibratec gym floors

Why are elastic gym floors essential for noise and vibration control?

The trend of mixed urban spaces with both fitness and living areas is on the rise, especially in densely populated cities. So, it is important that vibrations and noise from the gym facilities do not have an impact on the surrounding.

At Vibratec, we specialize in designing elastic floating floors for all types of activities. Our innovative floor design significantly reduces structure-borne noise in mixed-use buildings. In fact, we can achieve a noise reduction of 20 dB or more by using our discreet elastic pad solution, making it a more efficient and easy-to-install option than traditional rubber mat solution. And we’re more than just manufacturers; we offer turnkey projects with skilled installation teams. We collaborate with architects, structural engineers, and acoustic consultants to find the best solution for your project.

Explore our complete range of flooring solutions or contact us to learn how we can help you to a quieter, more comfortable fitness environment.

Picture of gym floor

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