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Accommodation Modules

Using our professional-series Offshore isolators, Vibratec can suspend heavy accomodation modules up to several hundred tons.

For the Offshore industry Vibratec manufacture and supply proven, weather-proof special isolators that utlasts any of our competitors. Isolators for offshore accommodation and office modules are normally customized for specific projects. The isolators should, in addition to excellent vibration isolation performance, endure accidental loads and harsh offshore environment conditions.

When engineering these isolators the steel structure is FE-modelled checking for instance, mechanical strength, fatigue, weld calculations and bolt calculations.

An extensive documentation is included in addition to the deliverance of the isolators.

We have the expertise to deliver a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Products!


Here you can find our products in the application area


  • Image of Vibratec Metal Cushion VT1405

    Metal Cushion VT 1405

    All-metal resilient element produced of 18/8 steel mesh. The progressive spring rate yields an almost constant natural frequency within a…

  • Image of Vibratec Steel Mount VT3353 – VT3355

    Metal Mount VT3353 – VT3355

    Double acting all metal resilient isolator produced of AISI 316 stainless. The progressive spring rate of the cushions yields an…

  • Image of Vibratec Spring Isolator AVM

    Spring Package AVM

    Our custom made spring vibration isolators are designed for outdoor offshore and marine installations. The steel structure is often manufactured…

  • Image of Steel Mount AVM

    Steel Mount AVM

    The custom made cushion vibration isolators are designed for outdoor offshore and marine installations. The cushion vibration isolators are typically…

No products found

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Vibratec delivers AVM units to DolWin 5!

We are thrilled to announce the successful delivery of 8 AVM units for the installation of an accommodation module. A module that also features a helicopter platform. 

AVM Vibratec
  • Offshore

Vibratec delivers AVMs to Offshore Project

Vibratec has successfully delivered two sets of AVMs (Anti-Vibration Mounts) for an offshore project on the East Coast of India, in collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions.

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