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Image of Vibratec vibration isolation of wooden building with Regufoam strips
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Avoid Structure-Borne Noise in Lightweight Constructions!

Timber buildings have become a significant part of modern construction, offering benefits like reduced environmental impact and quicker, cost-effective building processes. However, lightweight constructions pose challenges in meeting noise requirements. Vibrations from everyday activities like walking, appliances, and electronics can create disruptive structure-borne noise.

Reducing such noise in existing buildings can be challenging, underscoring the importance of integrating sound insulation into construction. Properly designing connections between floors is crucial, achieved through elastic elements like pads, strips, or steel springs. Vibratec offers Regufoam® vibration, an elastic polyurethane foam with 12 grades for various needs.

In addition to elastic elements, Vibratec provides sound-reducing solutions for floorswalls, and ceilings. Using floating floors, suspended ceilings, and wall mounts can decouple these components from the structure, reducing airborne and impact noise.

Vibratec specializes in these solutions and can ensure your timber building meets the highest standards for vibration and sound insulation.

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