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Elastomer Mounts

Vibration isolation mounts where the isolator is an elastomer. They are designed to prevent vibrations from or to equipment by absorbing the kinetic energy generated during operation, extending life and creating a safer, quieter work environment.

Vibration isolation mounts can protect objects and sensitive components from affecting each other, isolate or reduce annoying and potentially damaging noise, improve the user experience, protect the human body and extended the life of the application, equipment or structure.


Here you will find all our products in this category.

  • Image of Vibratec Cylindrical Dampers

    Cylindrical Dampers

    Cylindrical dampers are cost-effective and convenient items for damping vibrations from, for example, motors, generators, machinery, and other vibrating equipment.

  • Elastomer Mount M 7 – M 1500

    Low frequency rubber isolator primarily for vibration isolation of rotating machinery. The design allows for large deflection resulting in low…

  • Image of Vibratec Elastomer Mount DMS020

    Elastomer Mount DMS020

    Rubber isolator for engine and machine suspension in land based and marine applications. Available in hardness 40, 55 or 70…

  • Image of Vibratec Elastomer Mount PC 270270

    Elastomer Mount PC 270

    Resilient elements in natural rubber (NR) or nitrile (NBR) in shorer hardness 45, 55 alt. 65 shore. Metal parts in…

  • Image of Vibratec Elastomer Mount HD Marine

    Elastomer Mount HD Marine

    Low frequency rubber (NR) vibration isolator designed for use under propulsion engines and other marine applications.

  • Ceiling Hanger VT-RFH

    The Ceiling Hanger VT-RFH is a series of ceiling hangers available in 5 different load ranges. Housing and washer in…

  • Anti Vibration Pad – VT-AVP

    Vibratecs Anti-Vibration Pad series is an elastomer isolator primarily used for vibration isolation of rotating machinery and other equipment. The…

  • Flexible Floor Bracket VT-FFB

    Vibratec’s Flexible Floor Bracket is a quick and easy way to build an adjustable floating floor. The bracket fits on…

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