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Ceiling Hanger VT-RFH

The Ceiling Hanger VT-RFH is a series of ceiling hangers available in 5 different load ranges. Housing and washer in zinc plated steel, elastic elements in color coded polyurethane foam. The isolation pad is available in different stiffnesses depending on load.

Product Characteristics

4 – 8 mm for pads 50 mm
Resonance frequency:
7 – 10 Hz for pads 50 mm

Product Applications

For elastic pendulum suspension of piping, mechanical equipment, fans, air ducts, loudspeakers and inner ceilings. The Regufoam pad acts as a vibration isolator attenuating structure born sound.

For smaller loads use VT-MCH.

Technical Specifications


Load Range for Hanger

Type Load ( kg) Color
VT-RFH-220/50 20 - 40 Purple
VT-RFH-510/50 40 - 80 Beige
VT-RFH-570/50 80 - 140 Pink
VT-RFH-740/50 140 - 200 Red
VT-RFH-810/50 180 - 250 Brown

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