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Elastomer Mount PC 270

Resilient elements in natural rubber (NR) or nitrile (NBR) in shorer hardness 45, 55 alt. 65 shore. Metal parts in chromated steel. Fitted with a mechanical stop.

Product Characteristics

A series of isolators with natural frequency 9 -15 Hz for the recommended load range.

Dynamic factor: approx. 2.

Product Applications

Elastic suspension of compressors, motors, pumps, fans etc. onboard ships and vehicles.

Technical Specifications



Ref. L Ls K H B BS M d
PC 270 300 270 221 111 190 135 M24i 22

Technical specifications

Ref. Max. load range in daN (≈ kg) Weight (kg)
45 Sh 55 Sh 65 Sh
PC 270 1000 2000 3000 0.3


Stiffness in the horizontal plane
Ref. kL kB
PC 270 2.3 x kV 0.6 x kV
kV = Stiffness vertically  
kL = Stiffness along the isolator  
kB = Stiffness across the isolator  

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