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Vibratec Gym Floors

Resilient gym floors for vibration and sound isolation.

Customized floors for gyms and fitness centres are becoming increasingly important, as urban development leads to shorter distances between residential areas, transportation, shopping and physical activities.

Buildings that house both a gym and accommodation are becoming more common, especially in more densely populated cities. It is inevitable that vibrations and noise from the gym facilities affect the surrounding area. However, it is possible to have accommodation and training facility as neighbours with the right acoustic solution in the training facility.

At Vibratec, we focus on designing resilient floating floors for all types of activities – the design and construction of the floor has a significant impact on the structure-borne noise levels in the building. We know from experience that you can expect an improvement of 20 dB or more in structure-borne noise levels when using a flooring solution with discrete elastic pads compared to a full rubber mat.

Vibratec has been using our VT-BAT system for many years, which is very effective and easy to install. We also have several other flooring systems such as VT-FLOAT, VT-dBlock and VT-JFS for different applications and customization based on project needs.

Vibratec is not only a supplier; we also carry out turnkey projects with installation by our competent installation teams. We work with architects, structural engineers and acoustic consultants to find the best solution for your project.

In our turnkey projects, a smaller test platform (for dropping weights etc.) is often done first, before deciding to build the entire floor.

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  • Construction

Vibratec delivers VT-BAT to SATS Ro´s Torv in Roskilde

SATS Denmark renovated their gym, Ro’s Torv, in Roskilde. As a part of the project, they needed to minimize the transmission of structure borne noise to the surroundings in the adjacent shopping mall.

  • Construction

Vibratec delivers solutions to SATS Karlaplan

We at Vibratec are delighted and proud to be part of the construction of SATS Karlaplan, a top-notch gym located in the heart of Östermalm, Stockholm!

Picture of nya Gottsundaskolan
  • Construction

Floor and ceiling system to Gottsundaskolan

In collaboration with Skolfastigheter, IN3PRENÖR AB is constructing the new Gottsundaskolan in Uppsala.  The new, modern, and larger school will welcome 720 students in grades 6-9. In addition to the school itself, the building will include a full-sized sports hall, a leisure club, a library, a dance studio, and a multi-purpose activity house for associations.

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