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Vibration Isolation for Wooden Buildings

Avoid structure-borne noise from vibrations in lightweight structures.

In recent years, timber buildings have become a significant part of the new constructions of apartment blocks. The increase in timber construction brings several positive aspects, including a reduced climate impact and the possibility of a faster and more cost-effective construction process. However, there is a challenge that comes with lightweight construction, which is meeting the noise requirements.

Vibrations caused by people moving around, dishwashers and washing machines, televisions and sound systems etc. can create structure-borne noise that causes disturbance and discomfort to the building occupants.

Reducing structure-borne noise in existing buildings can be difficult and it is therefore essential to include sound insulation as an integral part of the building structure.

Image of Vibratec vibration isolation of wooden building with Regufoam strips

Vibrations and unwanted noise travels more freely through a multi-storey timber building, it is therefore important to design the connections between floors properly.

This can be achieved by installing elastic elements, such as pads, strips or steel springs. Vibratec’s solution is Regufoam®, an elastic polyurethane foam material for vibration isolation. It is available in 12 different grades for different applications and needs.

In addition to elastic elements, Vibratec can offer sound-reducing solutions for floors, walls and ceilings. With the help of floating floors, suspended ceilings and wall mounts, floors, walls and ceilings can be decoupled from the load-bearing structure, reducing airborne and impact noise levels.

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