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Sound Attenuation

Sound attenuation is the process of reducing noise levels in various environments to create quieter and more comfortable spaces.

At Vibratec, we specialize in providing effective solutions for sound attenuation across marine, industrial, and offshore applications. Our comprehensive range of products includes silencers, which minimize noise produced by exhaust systems, louvers that control airflow while reducing noise transmission, and noise enclosures designed to isolate noisy equipment and processes.

Whether you’re looking to comply with noise regulations, enhance working conditions, or reduce environmental impact, our sound attenuation solutions offer reliable performance and exceptional noise reduction capabilities. Explore our range to find tailored solutions for your specific noise control needs.

Our Products!
Picture of Vibratecs Louvers at Siemens facility


  • Picture of Vibratecs Louvers at Siemens facility

    Acoustic Louvers

    Louvers offer a good protection for air intake and exhaust openings to technical installations. The louvers are suitable for commercial…

  • Image of Vibratec Catalyst MINE-X DC2 – DC18

    Catalyst MINE-X DC2 – DC18

    MINE-X® oxidation purifiers eliminate dangerous carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), odor and particulates from diesel fueled engines. By using the…

  • Image of Vibratec Noise Enclosure

    Noise Enclosure

    Sound insulating enclosures reduce the transfer of noise between the source and the recipient.

  • Silencer ADS25 – FP-Series

    A silencer plays a crucial role in reducing noise produced by exhaust systems in marine, industrial, and offshore applications. By…

  • Silencers DSA/FPR – DDA/FPD

    Recommended for silencing the exhausts of small and medium sized diesel and petrol engines. The DSA/FPR have twin chambers and…

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Picture of Vibratecs Louvers at Siemens facility
  • Industrial

Optimize airflow with our louvers!

Louvers provide effective protection for air intake and exhaust openings in technical installations. They are suitable for various applications, including commercial and industrial construction, infrastructure, offshore projects, and the shipbuilding industry.

Image of Sjögull
  • Marine

Vibration Isolation of marine engines

If you are planning a midsummer trip in the Stockholm archipelago you can take one of the boats MS Sjögull or MS Sjöbris. You will get a smooth and silent journey as these have recently been renovated; the engines are suspended on Vibratec marine isolators VT41 (spring isolators) with the gear boxes on cushion isolators type VTCI.

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