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Vibratec’s solutions for Marine Applications

Achieving Smooth Sailing

In the dynamic world of maritime operations, ensuring smooth sailing involves more than just navigating the open seas. It requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to mitigating the vibrations generated by various onboard systems.

At Vibratec, we specialize in engineering all-metal isolators tailored to the unique demands of the marine industry, providing solutions that enhance performance, reliability and comfort on the water.

Exhaust Pipe Suspension and Silencers

One of the critical areas where vibration isolation plays an important role is in exhaust pipe suspension and exhaust silencers. As propulsion engines and auxiliary generators power marine vessels, they produce significant vibrations and noise, which can propagate in the ship structure, causing discomfort to passengers and crew, and potentially compromising structural integrity.

By integrating our metal isolators into the exhaust pipe suspension systems, we effectively dampen vibrations and minimize noise transmission. Our meticulously designed silencers further attenuate exhaust noise, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards while enhancing onboard comfort.

Pipe suspension

Vibrations in pipe systems can lead to resonant problems and fatigue in pipes and structures. These problems can be prevented by correctly dimensioned and positioned supports and bellows.

Vibratec can supply different types of pipe supports completely in AISI316 or higher quality if needed.

  • Fixed and sliding supports
  • Pendulums
  • Pipe clamps
  • Expansion joints

The pipe vibrations may be further reduced using additional pipe dampers. Vibratec offer solutions with friction dampers that also can be used in combination with vibration isolators.

Examples of Products for pipe suspension

  • Image of Vibratec Pipe Clamp VTPC 100

    Pipe Clamps VTPC 100-900

    A very rigid construction that allows quick mounting/dismounting of the pipes. The resilient elements are non-creeping, are unaffected by oils,…

  • Exhaust Bellows VTAS

    Exhaust bellows are designed and used to absorb vibration and the thermal expansion of the engine. The bellows, the flexible…

  • Image of Vibratec Steel Mount VT345-P

    Metal Pendulum Mount VT345P

    Double acting all metal pendulum mount. Resilient element, cushion in stainless steel wire. Other parts in painted mild steel.

No products found

Suspension of Propulsion Engines and Generator Sets:

The suspension of propulsion engines and generator sets directly impacts the onboard comfort as well as long term performance of coupling, shaft, gear and engine. Isolation of propulsion engines and generator sets can be done by using rubber or all metal isolators. Depending on the application we can choose from a vast array of different solutions designed to work the best with your equipment.

Our specialized metal isolators are engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment while delivering superior vibration isolation capabilities. Vibratec dimensions an optimal solution with respect to your engine effect, gear box, coupling and forces due to roll, pitch and heave.

By isolating propulsion engines and generator sets from the ship’s structure, our solutions minimize the transmission of vibrations and noise, resulting in smoother operation and enhanced reliability. Whether it’s reducing engine-induced vibrations or isolating generator sets to prevent resonance, our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of marine applications.

Products for Engine Suspension

  • Image of our spring isolator VT41XX used for vibration isolation and shock damping

    Spring Isolator VT41XX

    A very soft spring isolator with integrated adjustable snubbing, shock damping. Designed especially for suspension of mobile equipment for example…

  • Image of Vibratec Spring Package

    Spring Packages 1, 2 or 3 rows

    Springs in high tensile steel, resilient cushions of 18/8 stainless steel wire mesh, schrolls in aluminium, mounting plates in painted…

  • Image of Vibratec Spring Isolator VT4090

    Spring Isolator VT4090

    A very soft isolator with integrated adjustable snubbing. Designed especially for suspension of mobile equipment. Vibration isolation and suspension of…

No products found

Sensitive equipment

Using Vibrates extensive range of wire rope isolators and elastomeric shock mounts, most equipment can be suspended successfully.

Examples of common applications are electronic boxes, computers, monitors, radar units, antennas and similar.

To use the correct equipment for the particular stress of Your case, Vibratec engineers the correct calculations.

  • A picture of our vibration and shock isolator WRI - A16. A heavy duty isolator and the wire is 16 mm in diameter.

    Wire Rope Isolators – WRI-AXX

    Wire rope isolators are typically used in aerospace, defense, industrial, and marine applications to reduce the transmission of vibration and…

No products found

In conclusion

Vibratec remains at the forefront of vibration isolation technology, providing innovative solutions that optimize performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance the overall onboard experience. From exhaust pipe suspension and silencing to emission control and engine/generator set suspension, our expertise and commitment to excellence empower marine operators to navigate with confidence, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Experience the difference with Vibratec, where precision engineering meets maritime excellence.

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