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Wall Mount VT-AWS

VT-AWS (Acoustic Wall Suspension) is used to de-couple inner walls to prevent transmission of vibrations and structure born sound.

Product Applications

Perfect for decoupling walls for a better noise reduction between rooms, apartments, hallways, elevators, restaurants, training facilities, factories etc. See our video on how the system is designed:


Use approximately 1 VT-AWS per 2 square meter wall.

  1. Fasten the VT-AWS element with a screw through the center-hole, the diameter of the hole is 6 mm. Compress fixing until the cylindrical distance is in contact with existing wall.
  2. Fold flaps at edge of rubber.
  3. Use self-tapping screws to fix into wall rail or stud.
  4. If needed, remove excessive flaps when screwed on the rail or stud.

The VT-AWS may also be used as ceiling hanger. The upward elastic element then needs to be replaced by a softer material.

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Technical Specifications

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