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Regufoam WC Strip

The 2 mm REGUFOAM® WC Strip effectively dampens disturbing impact sounds during flushing and use, especially floor-standing toilets.

Product Characteristics

Toilet seats can produce disturbing impact sounds during flushing and use, especially floor-standing toilets. With the 2 mm Regufoam® WC Strip, the impact noise is effectively dampened.

The Regufoam® WC Strip comes in a set of 2 strips for one toilet seat.


The strips also absorb small irregularities in the floor, reducing the risk of damage to the toilet seat. As an alternative, fastening can be done using acoustic plugs or elastic washers between the screw heads and the toilet, preventing direct contact between the porcelain and the floor. However, these methods may result in a less satisfactory outcome. The best damping is achieved through adhesive bonding alone.

If elastic washers are needed or required use our product
3D Isolation Washer

Product Applications


The toilet seat should not be mounted in the usual way with screws through the floor. The seat is glued to the strips using a silicone adhesive suitable for wet rooms.

  1. Start by gluing the strips to the toilet seat. It is recommended to let the adhesive cure for a day to ensure good adhesion.
  2. Then, using a sharp knife, trim the excess part of the strips before mounting them to the floor. If the floor covering is made of linoleum, it is recommended to cut the strips against another surface to prevent damage to the waterproof layer.
  3. Subsequently, glue the toilet seat to the floor. Seal with silicone adhesive around the toilet seat to the floor if necessary.


Technical Specifications


Static load bearing capacity Up to 0.022 N/mm
Material deflection 0.1 - 0.2 mm
Dimensions (fits most toilets) 520 × 50 x 2 mm
Installation 2 WC-Strips / Toilet


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