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Spring Hanger VE-101

Housing in zinc-plated steel, spring in high tensile stainless steel. Guiding bracket in neoprene. Zinc-plated fastening details.

Product Characteristics

A series of low-frequency isolators, working in tension only.

Natural frequency: 3-6 Hz
Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 0,3 mm.
Amplification factor: < 10.
Temperature range: -30 °C to +100 °C.

Suspension of pipework, smaller fans, air conditioning units, etc.

Technical Specifications


Load range

Ref. Load Range in daN (≈kg)
VE-101-01 1 - 4
VE-101-02 4 - 13
VE-101-03 7 - 20
VE-101-04 12 - 33
VE-101-05 19 - 43

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