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Spring Hanger VT-4523

Single working all metal telescopic mount with spring made of high tensile steel. Scroll in aluminum and housing in zinc plated steel.

Product Characteristics

Mounts with low natural frequency, 5-6 Hz, depending on preload.

  • Accepts both static and dynamic tension forces.
  • Maximum excitation: ± 1 mm.
  • Mechanical strength: 2 g.
  • Amplification factor: < 5.
  • Temperature range: -90°C to +300°C

Product Applications

  • Isolation of exhaust-, air- water- and steam-pipes.
  • Isolation of fans, ventilation and cooling aggregates.
  • Stabilization of frames and equipment on vessels, ships and vehicles.

Technical Specifications


Load Range for Springs

Type Load (daN ≈ kg)
VT-4523-01 30 -50
VT-4523-02 50 -80
VT-4523-03 80 -125
VT-4523-04 125 -195
VT-4523-05 195 -300

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