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All Metal Mount VTCI-3500F

Vibratec Cushion Isolator for use as elastic fix point. Isolator with equifrequency character; 15-20 Hz for the recommended load range. May work under compression or tension.

Product Characteristics

Resilient elements are made of 18/8 stainless steel wire mesh, stud in aluminium casing and flange in steel.

Load range: 1500 – 3500 kg
Unloaded hight (H): 66 mm
Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 0,3 mm.
Amplification factor: < 6.
Temperature range: -90 °C to +600 °C.
Maximum dynamic overload: 2 g
Protection: Paint
Weight: 4.0 kg.

Product Applications

  • Suspension of machine tools in general, especially crushing machines, grinding mills
  • Elastic suspension of exhaust pipes, motors, pumps etc. on ships and vehicles
  • For rotating machines operating above 30 Hz.


For smaller loads use VTCI-300F, VTCI-700F or VTCI-1500F. For larger loads, use isolators V318.

Technical Specifications


Load Range

Reference Load Range i daN (≈kg)
VTCI-3500-F 1500 - 3500

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