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Spring Isolator VT42XX

A very soft spring isolator with integrated adjustable snubbing, shock damping. Designed especially for suspension of mobile equipment for example suspension of propulsion engines, generating sets, compressors, deck houses etc.

Product Characteristics

A very soft spring isolator with integrated adjustable snubbing, shock damping.A very soft isolator with built in snubbers (movement limiters). Specially constructed for suspension of mobile equipment such as propulsion engines, fans, compressors, cabins, machine-tools etc. All metal isolator with a spring in high tensile steel, cushions in 18/8 stainless steel. Housing in zinc plated steel.

Natural frequency: 5 – 9 Hz.
Mechanical strength: 5 g.
Temperature range: -90 ºC – +300 ºC

Product Applications

The isolator with its integrated snubbers should be adjusted during installation to obtain maximum attenuation. When the isolator is properly adjusted only the spring should carry the static load. The snubbers will limit the movements when the suspension is exposed to external forces.

The adjustment should be done when the engine is at its “working condition”, i.e. when oil and water has been filled and all equipment has been mounted.

The adjustment is done by hand or with a hook wrench by turning the upper house until approx 9 mm (see “A” on drawing) is measured between the upper part of the isolator and upper part of the house. After adjustment the isolator is locked with locking ring. When the adjustment of the isolator is finished the engine can be levelled with suitable method.

When the isolator is used for suspension of for instance propulsion engines, or similar applications that creates an outgoing torque, the isolators should be adjusted a second time to give optimum attenuation. This second adjustment is done during operation with nominal torque.

Alternatively we can calculate the angle the engine will incline during operation (with torque) and thus the second adjustment can be done directly after levelling. If this method is used the “A”- measure should be checked later during operation.

Technical Specifications


Load Ranges

Ref Load range in daN (≈kg) Damping Amplification (Q)
VT4211 50 - 100 Low damping 6 - 10
VT4212 100 - 200 Low damping 6 - 10
VT4213 200 - 300 Low damping 6 - 10

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