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Cylindrical Dampers

Cylindrical dampers are cost-effective and convenient items for damping vibrations from, for example, motors, generators, machinery, and other vibrating equipment.

Product Characteristics

Vibration damper type A: cylindrical with 2 bolts. Manufactured in 40°, 45°, 55°, 60° and 70° Shore.

Technical Specifications


Product Properties

Art. no. Type Type D x H G x F Stiffness
A1100049 A 15x8 M4x10 55 SH
A1100080 A 20x8 M6x15+10 45 SH
A1100100 A 20x20 M6x15 55 SH
A1100120 A 25x10 M6x18 55 SH
A1100210 A 30x15 M8x20 55 SH
A1100250 A 30x20 M8x20 60 SH
A1100260 A 30x25 M8x15 65 SH
A1100263 A 30x25 M8x20 45 SH
A1100270 A 30x30 M8x20 40 SH
A1100305 A 40x20 M8x20 55 SH
A1100310 A 40x30 M8x20 55 SH
A1100330 A 40x40 M8x20 65 SH
A1100402 A 50x40 M10x25 60 SH
A1100461 A 75x25 M12x47 70 SH
A1100497 A 75x40 M12x37 70 SH
A1100530 A 100x25 M16x45 70 SH

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