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Cylindrical Dampers

Cylindrical dampers are cost-effective and convenient items for damping vibrations from, for example, motors, generators, machinery, and other vibrating equipment.

Product Characteristics

Vibration damper Type C, rubber body with securely vulcanized mounting plates, with holes for bolts on two sides. Used for fans, transformers, electric motors, and pumps. Manufactured in 40°, 45°, 55°, 60° and 70° Shore.

Technical Specifications


Product Properties

Art. no. Type Type D x H G x F Stiffness
A1300070 C 20x20 M6 40 SH
A1300080 C 20x20 M6 55 SH
A1300130 C 30x20 M8 55 SH
A1300160 C 30x30 M8 55 SH
A1300180 C 40x30 M8 55 SH
A1300235 C 50x35 M10 55 SH
A1300240 C 50x40 M10 60 SH
A1300255 C 50x45 M10 55 SH
A1300260 C 60x40 M12 60 SH
A1300290 C 75x35 M12 55 SH
A1300295 C 75x35 M12 70 SH
A1300297 C 75x40 M12 55 SH
A1300310 C 75x55 M12 65 SH
A1300330 C 100x60 M16 45 SH
A1300331 C 100x60 M16 60 SH

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