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Cylindrical Dampers

Cylindrical dampers are cost-effective and convenient items for damping vibrations from, for example, motors, generators, machinery, and other vibrating equipment.

Product Characteristics

Vibrations damper type B, cylindrical with bolt and internal thread. Manufactured in 40°, 45°, 55°, 60° and 70° Shore.

Technical Specifications


Product Properties

Art. no. Type Type D x H G x F Stiffness
A1200008 B 8x8 M3x6 40 SH
A1200022 B 15x15 M4x6 60 SH
A1200090 B 20x15 M6x18 45 SH
A1200100 B 20x15 M6x10 45 SH
A1200111 B 20x20 M6x15 55 SH
A1200115 B 20x25 M6x12 40 SH
A1200130 B 20x30 M6x15 45 SH
A1200182 B 25x20 M6x18 60 SH
A1200190 B 25x20 M6x20 40 SH
A1200200 B 25x30 M6x18 55 SH
A1200220 B 30x20 M8x20 55 SH
A1200221 B 30x20 M8x20 60 SH
A1200237 B 30x30 M8x20 55 SH
A1200238 B 30x30 M8x10 60 SH
A1200239 B 30x30 M8x20 70 SH
A1200310 B 50x40 M10x20 55 SH
A1200410 B 100x40 M16x42 55 SH

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