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Cylindrical Dampers

Cylindrical dampers are cost-effective and convenient items for damping vibrations from, for example, motors, generators, machinery, and other vibrating equipment.

Product Characteristics

Vibration damper type D: cylindrical with a bolt in one end. Manufactured in 45°, 50°, 55°, 60°, 65° and 70° Shore.

Technical Specifications


Product Properties

Art. no. Type Type D x H G x F Stiffness
A1400020 D 15x13 M4x13 55 SH
A1400041 D 20x10 M6x18 70 SH
A1400045 D 20x15 M6x15 55 SH
A14000451 D 20x15 M6x10 45 SH
A1400050 D 20x25 M6x18 55 SH
A1400059 D 25x8 M6x10 55 SH
A1400060 D 25x8 M6x18 55 SH
A1400080 D 25x13 M6x18 55 SH
A1400090 D 25x17 M6x18 65 SH
A1400092 D 25x17 M6x15 65 SH
A1400100 D 25x30 M6x18 70 SH
A1400108 D 30x10 M8x20 55 SH
A1400109 D 30x15 M8x13 65 SH
A1400110 D 30x17 M8x20 55 SH Neopr
A1400116 D 30x20 M10x12 55 SH
A1400132 D 30x30 M8x20 55 SH
A1400140 D 40x15 M8x23 55 SH
A1400145 D 40x15 M10x25 55 SH
A1400152 D 40x30 M6x15 55 SH
A1400155 D 40x30 M8x15 50 SH
A1400193 D 50x30 M10x15 55 SH
A1400206 D 50x30 M10x28 70 SH
A1400213 D 75x20 M10x38 55 SH
A1400235 D 75x25 M12x37 65 SH
A1400240 D 75x35 M12x37  60 SH

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